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Drumhillery Primary School

Peace 4 Shared Education


Shared Education (P1/2 & P6/7)

Dear Parent,

In September 2018 we initiated a very successful Shared Education Project with St Joseph’s PS under the PEACE IV Collaboration and Sharing in Education program. This has been a very positive development for our school and one which has enjoyed universal support amongst our parents.

Our joint project work during the 19-20 year will be involving pupils from P6/7 in a project on The Armagh Railway Disaster, while in Terms 2/3 P1/2 pupils will continue their development of Outdoor Play.

By working in partnership with schools of a different type pupils will have the chance to meet and learn with young people from a wide range of different backgrounds. Our teaching staff will also have this opportunity and through this new shared education partnership we will not only be promoting good relations but also working together to improve educational outcomes for all the children in our community.

We intend to meet with our partner school for different curricular-based activities and shared classes throughout the year and we will keep you informed of the dates and content of all these sessions. You should also keep an eye on the school website for photos and videos.

There is no charge for any of the shared education activities and children  travel by bus to our partner school.

We are very excited about this project and would ask you, as the first educators of your children, for your continued support in this initiative.

If you have any concerns about the involvement of your child in shared education, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to provide more information about our plans.


Our Parents' Exhibition


On Friday 18th January, we held a very successful parents exhibition in Madden Old School House.  This was attended by many parents and grandparents of our primary 5 & 6 class.  This exhibition was to show off our hard work and learning in the Linen project we have been working on with St Joseph's Primary School.


Everyone had a delightful morning.  We want to thank all parents, grandparents and members of the Board of Governors who attended this event.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed this topic, we have all learnt so much from it and particularly enjoyed exploring the life of William Kirk and the local linen mills he created around Keady.

Check out our pictures.  Photographs were also taken by the Armagh Gazette so keep an eye out for those.




Testing the Fabric


On 11th January we travelled over to St Josephs Primary to take part in a fantastic science experiment.  We were faced with a problem,  our brave soldiers who fought in both world wars needed to keep out the wind and rain as they fought for our freedom.  They needed a good coat made with a suitable fabric.  Our task was to test 5 fabrics to find out which could be used. 

We all worked in groups to test each fabric by using a syringe to put water on each to see which fabric absorbed the water and which was waterproof.

We explored each fabrics properties and had a good discussion about our findings.

Check out our photos.




On 13th December we had a very special visit from the team at Linwoods.  This linked so well to our Shared Education program with St Joseph's primary. 


The ladies showed us a presentation as to how they use flax in their products and where they source it.  They also explained the health benefits of eating flax.  We all got to see some fantastic recipes using flax which we cant wait to try out.


Preparing the Plants


Today we had our 5th session of Shared Education.  We investigate 'Preparing the Plants'.  We had explored this in action during our Linen Centre visit but today we reviewed what we had learnt.  We sequenced the process images and discussed them in groups, then we played a game of human jigsaw to match new words with their definitions.  We learnt all about retting, scotching and hackling.


Check out our photographs.



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