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Drumhillery Primary School

W E L C O M E !

Welcome! Witamy! Bienvenue! Willkommen! Aloha! Benvenuti! Benvenuto!
Welcome! Witamy! Bienvenue! Willkommen! Aloha! Benvenuti! Benvenuto!

Warm welcoming & inclusive approach

Drumhillery Primary School warmly welcomes newcomer pupils from all nationalities. Over the past few years our newcomer pupils have greatly enriched school life. We pride ourselves on a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment and have been delighted to see how our newcomers have settled in.



Inclusion and Diversity Service


We have also been working with the

Inclusion and Diversity Service (IDS) for

several years in creating school and classroom

resources to ensure our provision for newcomer

pupils is of the highest standard. All teachers

have been trained to ensure that all curricular

areas are fully accessible to these children.


Contact us

Any 'newcomer' families who are interested in sending their children to our school should contact the Principal Mr Campbell, either by emailing or telephoning the school at 028 3756 8725.

Fun Games


Who is a 'newcomer'?


The term ‘newcomer’ pupil is used to refer to a pupil who has enrolled in a school but who does not have satisfactory language skills to participate fully in the school curriculum and does not have a language in common with the teacher. 

Why is it important to have children classed as 'newcomers'?

This enables schools to support children and parents better.  The school may be entitled to more funding and also they can gethelp from the Inclusion and Diversity Service (IDS).  IDS are set up specifically to help schools, parents and pupils work togetherto support the needs of a newcomer pupil.

How do schools decide if a child is a newcomer?

Schools must ensure that the pupils meet certain criteria.  If they do, schools may record them as a newcomer on their annualschool census.  Schools are responsible each year for checking if a pupil still meets the newcomer criteria.  Each year the child's progress will be improving as they learn a new language and fully integrate into the education system and the term newcomer

may no longer be appropriate


BUDDY system

We use a 'BUDDY' system to assist our

newcomer children to settle in quickly.

Signs and information in other

languages are placed around the

school to further this process.

School policies can also be

provided in a range of languages.

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