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ICT in Drumhillery

In Drumhillery Primary School, we recognise the society in which children  are growing up in is continually changing.  New technologies are being developed at an increasing rate.  It is our desire and aim that all pupils at Drumhillery Primary School will develop competence in the use of ICT.

Along with Communication and Using Mathematics, Using ICT is one of the three statutory Cross-Curricular Skills that form part of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

Using ICT is about providing pupils with opportunities to acquire, develop, understand, demonstrate and apply ICT concepts and processes appropriately in a variety of contexts across the curriculum.

The curriculum requirements for Using ICT which are covered in Drumhillery come under the following headings and are described as the 5 E’s.

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Our desire at Drumhillery Primary School is to promote ICT to the best of our ability.

ICT in Drumhillery


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27th Feb 2019
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