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Drumhillery Primary School

How to attract birds to your garden


Do's and Don'ts of feeding garden birds!

We have learned a few things from watching some videos online about feeding the garden birds.


  • leave out clean fresh water
  • provide a variety of foods, seeds and nuts
  • keep bird feeding areas and feeders clean to prevent harmful bacteria building up
  • move bird feeders every 4 or 5 weeks to let the ground below them recover from bird droppings etc
  • use a variety of different feeders for different seeds and for different birds


  • use netting feeders as birds feet can get stuck in them

Bird Feeders


We made our very own 'fat balls' for the birds. We have hung them up around the school building and hopefully very soon we will see lots of birds.

One thing Mrs E learned over the weekend is not to use the feeders made of net. I never knew this! Sometimes the birds little feet get stuck in them and they can't escape!


Big School Bird Watch


RSPB Big Bird Watch


Every January the RSPB runs a nationwide Bird Watch to help give them an idea of what birds are increasing or decreasing. This year we hope as many boys and girls from Drumhillery will take part. 



How to identify a bird


Feeding the birds