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Drumhillery Primary School

Cycling Proficiency



Cycling is fun and a great way to get around and stay fit but it is important that children are trained to cycle safely and have an understanding of the associated road safety issues. Each year Drumhillery PS offers P7 pupils the chance to undertake the Cycling Proficiency Scheme. The aim of CPS is to teach children how to ride their bicycles safely and is a combination of theoretical and practical aspects. Specific areas covered during the instruction include stopping and starting, right and left turns, overtaking, traffic lights’ procedure, Emergency Stop and Highway Code.

Each P7 child taking part in the scheme must bring a helmet and a roadworthy bicycle to each session; this is a legal requirement and is in the interest of your child’s health and safety.

P7 pupils participating in this scheme are also strongly discouraged from riding their bicycles to and from school, however this will obviously be a matter for parents to decide. If your child is doing so, please inform us in writing. We would also stress that cycling inside the school grounds is strictly prohibited, unless during lessons.



Cycling Proficiency